Academic homestays and boarding school programs

Term, semester or Academic Year programs to the attention of students between the ages of 14 and 18 who are highly motivated to become proficient in French by studying in a French secondary school and learn about French culture at the same time. Students either share the daily life of a French family or are integrated to a boarding school with host family hospitality at week ends and during school breaks.

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Our Academic Homestay Programs are offered to students aged between 14-18, who are motivated to learn about the French culture, to share the daily life of a French family and to study as a French student in a Secondary School.

Placements can take place anywhere in France, depending on the time of year, duration of the stay and coordinator’s availability. We have local coordinators in many different regions in France. The host families can live in cities, suburbs or rural areas.

We cooperate with state schools in different regions. However it may not always be possible to place the students in the local state school as some French state schools have, more and more often, overcrowded classes and no availability. In this case we will have to place the student in a Private School.

If the Host Family’s children attend a private high school, the exchange student will generally be enrolled in that same school as this will be a requirement from the host family.

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Our Boarding School Programs are offered to students aged between 14-18, who are motivated to discover the French school system and the French culture. During the week, students live as boarders. At week-ends and during schools breaks they will share the daily life of a French family.

We cooperate with Private Boarding Schools that are highly commi-tted to International Exchange, considering it as a major part of their educational goals. They regularly host our students participating in our Academic Homestay Programs.

They have an excellent academic reputation and offer a warm welcome to our foreign students willing to integrate the school routine and to face the challenge of studying all subjects through the French language. The students benefit from a personal attention.

During the week from Monday to Friday, students are boar-ders and share the social life of their schoolmates in small dorms. At weekends and during the school holidays, they share the life of a voluntary host family, carefully selected by our Local Coordinator.

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Students participating to these programs must be aged between 15 & 18 (for  Term, Semester and Academic Year Programs); 14 & 18 for shorter school integration from 4 to 10 weeks). Students must not be over 18 at the beginning of the stay.

We usually require that students in these programs show good academic standards, with at least 2 years studying French. Students may be asked to take french lessons if their level is not sufficient upon arrival.

All participants have to be highly motivated by the academic, the family and the cultural experience. They must also be able to adapt to a new culture and a new environment.