Discover the world

Horizons du Monde and Mondes Nouveaux are dedicated to the improvement of international understanding. To achieve this goal, we have chosen to develop and promote intercultural friendship for youth through education among all nations. Our chosen vehicle is the Homestay Program. While staying in a foreign country, students effectively broaden their educational and cultural horizons.

Horizons du Monde has developed a quality selection of educational programs during which students are involved in the culture, the language and partake in a new way of life. Host families, academic schedules, sightseeing and activities are carefully selected to design the most meaningful student experience.

Horizons du Monde’s educational homestay programs are an exciting opportunity for personal development on an international level. Students develop strong international bonds with the unusual exposure of learning and living within the home of a foreign culture. Hospitality, relationships, memories and language are all part of the student’s growth experience.

Horizons du Monde’s and Mondes Nouveaux’s endeavour is to create programs which are for the students the rich, rewarding experience of a lifetime.